We can help you manage your most valuable resource: TIME

Time is precious. Time might be an educator's most valuable commodity. So we are always thinking about how we can make the best use of your time. This includes time spent in a professional development session as well as time dedicated to PD after the session has concluded.

Teachers and leaders have choices regarding how they spend their time; they are going invest in the things that they believe will make a difference in their profession (translation: for their students) and save them time in the long run.

At Compass Learning®, our implementation training and professional development include tools, resources, and protocols that extend beyond the staff PD day. And while the day itself is important, it doesn't mark the end of development. We'll help you find time for yourself, for your students, and for the professional growth essential to continued success.

    Implementation Support: A FastStart for fast results

    In the world of K-12 education, time is in short supply. At Compass Learning, we developed our FastStart program to move you from purchase to value in the virtual blink of an eye.

    FastStart includes the following support as part of your Pathblazer™, Hybridge™, or Compass Learning®High School Site Subscription License or Unlimited User License purchase:

    • Full implementation and support: We help ensure a successful implementation by providing on-site or virtual training, webinar support, and online onboarding
    • System pre-configuration: We discuss your specific needs up front and build in-system presets that allow teachers to be up and running on Day One.
    • Student information system integration: Our ready-to-go integration solutions make loading students a snap—the right student assigned to the right teacher in the right school.
    • Embedded help: No more clicking a help button that sends you to an unending list of FAQs. Instead, a convenient help icon appears on the screen you're on at the moment you're working. Not sure what to do next? Click 'help' and get the assistance you need.
    • Ready-to-use assignments: Assignments are ready to go immediately—just click to assign! Unless, of course, you want to tweak. With Compass Learning solutions, you always have the opportunity to customize and create.

      Professional Development: We increase educator effectiveness

      Here at Compass Learning, we understand that classroom success begins with empowering educators. That's the sole focus of our Learning Services team and all of our professional development programs.

      When you make an investment with us to accelerate student learning, we become your partner. Our Gaining Traction professional development program is specifically designed to expand on concepts introduced in FastStart and includes new tools and skills to get the utmost out of your Compass Learning solution.

      All of our professional development offerings comprise a blend of workshops, leadership planning, and instructional coaching that have a measurable and sustainable impact on student achievement. Our Learning Services organization offers engaging, relevant, timely, flexible programs delivered by veteran educators who combine extensive classroom experience with expert-level knowledge of instructional best practices. We believe in professional development that enables educators to learn in small increments over time via multiple modes, all supported by modeling, observation, coaching, and frequent feedback. If systematically improving your practices is something you're after, you've come to the right place.

        Let us help you to become best-in-class

        Product-specific training and development are just the first steps. With essential deep-dive professional development, your team can exceed their professional and academic goals. We offer professional and leadership development packages including:

        • Leveraging data: This offering provides you with tools to examine data more closely, learn when to scrutinize and use distinct data points, and how to develop a culture of data use to drive instruction.
        • Change management: Leading change effectively requires discipline and organized planning. Our consultants will help you organize, develop, and execute a complete change management plan.
        • Instructional support: Leaders are prepared and trained as instructional support resources throughout the entire first year of Compass Learning solution implementation to ensure sustainability.
        • Strategic consulting: Administrators face many decisions when beginning the process of effectively implementing technology solutions. This package will support school and district leaders in decisions such as which technology integration approach is right for them, where the greatest opportunities for growth lie, what curriculum best meets the identified needs of students, and what a high-level implementation plan looks like.

          Learn how we can help you move beyond ‘very good’
          to ‘exemplary'