Helping educators successfully integrate digital and teacher-led instructional practices

As former K–12 teachers and administrators, Compass Learning® facilitators understand the challenges educators face every day. We know that cultural and pedagogical shifts take time, and for change to be lasting, it must become part of an educator’s routine. We build our professional development in manageable, real-world “bites,” so the implementation and integration of a new program is exciting rather than overwhelming.

But we provide more than just training; we offer a blend of workshops, leadership planning, job-embedded instructional coaching, and 24/7 access to technology for both teachers and administrators. Our programs build on  current expertise by applying high-level yet accessible concepts and introducing proven best practices. Sessions provide educators with new ideas and  hands-on strategies that can be put to work the very next day.

Professional Development is paired with our solutions offerings. Learn more about our solutions by grade:

Professional Development Ladder

Flexible offerings for virtually any educational setting

Compass Learning offers a variety of professional development options, including implementation sessions and expanded professional development that features relevant, research-based, practical strategies for optimally integrating digital and teacher-led instruction for personalized learning.


Implementation training that configures Compass Learning content and assignments to meet your curricular goals.


Two-day on-site workshops with virtual follow-up designed for blended learning or intervention.

Quick Bites Webinars

Ongoing 45-minute webinars covering a range of topics with live (online) or recorded access.

Job-embedded Modeling & Coaching

Real-time instructional support including observation, feedback, and coaching for instructional leaders and teachers.


Customized Professional Development

Customized offerings targeted to grade level and/or specific content area

  • Topics include utilizing data, individualizing instruction, integrating writing, and aligning to standards
  • Highlights sharing effective strategies and collaborative investigations of best practices for blended learning and intervention implementations
  • Results in practical tool and strategy sets for immediate classroom use

Capacity & Sustainability

Scaling to meet multiple-location or district-wide needs

  • Train the Trainer: Certifies local educators as professional developers to sustain the digital learning initiative. Ideal for new staff on-boarding and continuing momentum.
  • Project Management and Data Review: Practical partnered support for district-level coordination with custom reporting and data reviews and workshops and localized alignments.

Want to see how Professional Development can make a difference in your schools? Reach out to us!