Proven K–12 digital solution for greater progress—faster

Compass Learning Odyssey® includes lessons and activities built upon current, proven research about the way students learn.

Compass Learning Odyssey features:

  • Pretests to determine needs and pinpoint skill gaps for each student
  • Automatically generated individualized learning paths
  • Engaging, rigorous instruction delivered through video, audio, animation, and interactive writing tools
  • Reporting functions to generate reliable data for instructional decision making

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Targeted solutions to address specific student needs

In our continuous effort to provide the best learning acceleration software for both students and educators, Compass Learning purpose-builds K-12 learning acceleration solutions for blended learning, intervention, and inquiry-based personalized learning.

Compass® helps pinpoint and close skill and concept gaps and moves students forward academically with:

  • Explicit instruction
  • Supported practice
  • Independent practice
  • Ongoing formative assessment

Not sure which Compass Learning Solution is right for your students? See all of the Compass Learning product offerings and find out which solution is the right fit to accelerate your students’ learning!

Compass Learning Purpose Built Solutions


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K-8 Interest Based Learning


9-12 Credit Recovery


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