Proven K–12 digital solution for greater progress—faster

Compass Learning Odyssey® includes lessons and activities built upon current, proven research about the way students learn.

Compass Learning Odyssey features:

  • Pretests to determine needs and pinpoint skill gaps for each student
  • Automatically generated individualized learning paths
  • Engaging, rigorous instruction delivered through video, audio, animation, and interactive writing tools
  • Reporting functions to generate reliable data for instructional decision making

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Targeted solutions to address specific student needs

In our continuous effort to provide the best learning acceleration software for both students and educators, Compass Learning now offers purpose-built solutions to meet the unique needs of various student populations.

Not sure which Compass Learning Solution is right for your students? Tell us a little bit about your school and we will show you which solution is the right fit to accelerate your students’ learning!

Compass Learning Purpose Built Solutions


K-8 Intervention Solution


K-8 Blended Learning Solution


K-8 Interest Based Learning


9-12 Credit Recovery


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