Build their confidence, ignite their ambition

What if all your high school students felt like they held the keys to their own success? What if they could approach these last years of school believing they have the power to choose their paths toward graduation, college, and careers? Many do feel this way, but others rely on educators like you for help and encouragement. And we want to be right there with you.

Compass Learning® builds online solutions that engage, enlighten, and reignite students’ passion for learning. Let us help you increase graduation rates, ready your students for college, develop the necessary skills for life after high school, and build the confidence they need to succeed no matter what road they choose.

    Compass Learning® High School

    Accelerating learning for high school students. Whether they’re working to regain credits for graduation, preparing for college, or building a marketable skillset for the working world, Compass Learning® High School gives teens learning support that’s tailored to their unique needs.

      Compass Learning® helps you provide the personalized learning opportunities each student needs to succeed in high school and beyond. Courseware for grades 9-12 can serve as core or supplemental curriculum, for intervention, credit recovery, remediation, and advanced placement. Plus, our flexible, 24/7 online delivery is made for teens’ busy lives and schedules.

      Learn how we can help you drive real high school academic achievement.

        • "Kids seem more engaged in the Compass Learning program. I think the reteaching helps. It lets kids know not just why they got something right but why they got something wrong."

          Melissa Thomas

          Virtual English Teacher, El Paso Independent School District (Texas)