Focused instruction + engaging content = learning acceleration


Full Course

Learning sequences to deliver complete core or elective courses of study.


Credit Recovery

Pinpointed concept gaps and streamlined instruction for timely recovery of credit.



Teacher-selected or diagnostics-generated lessons aligned with classroom instruction.



Career and technical education options for student exploration of interests and vocations.

Your purpose-built, digital high school solution





The right tool

Compass Learning High School software offers options to address every high school student’s need.


The right implementation strategy

We consult with you to develop customized professional development for maximum effectiveness of your digital implementation.


The right service and support

Our implementation managers and customer support experts will stand by you every step of the way to help ensure the right outcomes for your students.


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Purpose-built instruction for the diverse needs of high school learners

Compass Learning High School delivers rigorous, engaging content to provide instruction that connects, so students stay motivated and make rapid progress—whatever their goals.

  • For full course delivery, credit recovery, or supplemental instruction
  • Includes direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessment
  • Diagnostic assessments for personalization, acceleration, or remediation
  • Options for virtual learning, AP®, NCAA, and CTE

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All digital instruction is not created equal

Consider the compelling statistics. Students like and seek digital instruction, and teachers who have used it say that it keeps students engaged. Read about high schools that have successfully used Compass Learning to accelerate learning and prepare students for graduation, college, and life beyond high school.

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