Student-centered investigation and inquiry-based learning

Students who are deeply engaged in their learning retain information better and are inspired to delve more thoroughly into topics. GoQuest enables students to become agents of their own learning experiences by:

  • Matching content to student interests and learning preferences
  • Presenting methodologies for inquiry and exploration
  • Providing a library of more than 40,000 vetted digital resources

See the research on how student interests affect their learning!

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See what people are saying


Anna D.

Teacher, Plano Texas

“My kids now are much more confident in what they do. They lean more on each other. Instead of always looking to me for guidance, they look to each other, which is really nice.”


Emma B.


“GoQuest is a fun site with the option to do endless activities of all different subjects.”


Rick C.

Teacher, Annville, Pennsylvania

“My principal liked that the kids were self-directed. She liked that GoQuest kept them engaged the whole time.”


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How can I obtain a snapshot of my students’ interests, learning preferences, and expression styles?

The Renzulli Profiler® identifies these characteristics for each student in about 30 minutes.

How can I be sure my students are accessing ‘safe’ resources?

The GoQuest database of more than 40,000 digital resources is thoroughly vetted by Compass Learning, and we constantly curate and update the list.

Will I have to differentiate each activity for every student myself?

The differentiation engine in GoQuest individualizes instruction for each and every student with just a click or two of your mouse.