Student-centered inquiry and project based learning

Students who are engaged in their learning are more motivated, retain information better, and are inspired to delve more deeply into topics. GoQuest by Compass Learning® enables students to take ownership of their learning experiences, not only by presenting methodologies and scenarios for inquiry and project based study and providing access to a library of more than 40,000 vetted digital resources, but also by matching content, activities, and project outlines to specific student interests and learning preferences. GoQuest motivates students because they are learning about the things that interest them.

Project Based Learning Screen Shots

GoQuest features personalized instruction matched to student interests and learning preferences.

  • The Renzulli Profiler® generates a snapshot of student interests and expression preferences, enabling teachers to match content, activities and projects more completely to personalize the learning experience for each student.
  • The research database of more than 40,000 curated online resources gives students and educators a vast pool of thoroughly vetted digital content aligned to standards and student learning preferences.
  • The differentiation engine allows teachers to individualize instruction for each and every student with just a click or two of the mouse.
  • An expanded set of inquiry and project based learning tools enables educators to customize challenges based on learning goals, standards, and student interests – or choose from preconfigured projects and activities. Students pursue self-directed study that encourages reasoning, evaluation, and articulation – steeping them in the critical skills necessary for college and career success.

Place inquiry and project based learning right at your students’ fingertips!

GoQuest is a student-centered tool that facilitates strategic inquiry and critical thinking, encouraging students to explore and follow their interests, while outfitting educators with tools to assign, facilitate, mentor, and evaluate activities and projects that are appropriate for each and every student, regardless of ability level.

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