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Compass Learning elementary school solutions enhance your ability to provide timely, standards-aligned explicit instruction to accelerate students toward game changing academic growth. Our curriculum:

  • Syncs seamlessly with your scope and sequence and offers rigorous and engaging ELA and math instruction for all students
  • Delivers real-time data to differentiate instruction and practice for students working above, at, or below grade level
  • Helps teachers deliver blended learning and intervention instruction more efficiently and effectively

Elementary school solutions from Compass Learning—learning, accelerated.


It's in the research

Compass Learning purpose-builds solutions to help educators deliver personalized learning and produce better student results. Our pedagogy is research-backed and has proven effective in classrooms nationwide.

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K-6 Intervention Solution


K-6 Blended Learning Solution


K-6 Interest Based Learning

Which solution is right for you?

Compass Learning elementary school solutions help educators deliver instruction for a variety of needs, from intervention to blended learning; for below-level, on-level, and gifted and talented students; and for whole-school enrichment and after-school remediation.

Not sure which Compass Learning Solution is right for your students? Tell us a little bit about your school and we will show you which solution is the right fit to accelerate your students’ learning!

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English Language Arts




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Deborah Pingitore

Teacher, Edward Bain School

“One student was driven to complete his learning activities and quizzes with an 80% score or more. In his MAP® test, this scholar increased his ELA score from 169 to 201!”


Cherise Easley

Principal, Edward Bain School

“Our state exam results showed that 31% of scholars were now reading proficiently, which is more than a 500% increase — on a more rigorous test!”


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