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A different approach for better results

When students struggle to complete courses or earn the credits necessary for graduation, it’s usually not an isolated situation. Something isn’t working, and a paradigm shift may be the best way to help young learners approach their work in a more meaningful and productive way. Digital credit recovery from Compass Learning® identifies learning gaps, generates personalized learning paths to close those gaps, and helps students establish a pace to finish on time.

Our credit recovery solution offers fun, dynamic digital content to stimulate students in a teen-friendly voice while giving them the skills necessary to excel in the modern education and career landscape. It also allows today’s on-the-go teens to complete their coursework on their own schedules with any-time, anyplace access across multiple devices.

Want to see how credit recovery from Compass Learning can help get your students on track to graduate? View our solutions catalog or contact us to find out!

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Equip your students for graduation, college, and careers with a credit recovery solution that features:

• Diagnostic assessments for targeted, individualized instruction
• Credit recovery, credit attainment, and diploma equivalency prep
• Robust reporting tools to make data actionable and inform instructional decisions
• Interactive writing tools and virtual manipulatives

Plus, our credit recovery solution features state and Common Core standards alignment, data-driven differentiated instruction, PARCC and SBAC assessment-style questions, and full integration with Renaissance Learning® STAR® and Scantron Performance Series® assessments. Find out more about our assessment partners.

Compass Learning High School

Credit Recovery for High School

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives

High school students are constantly shifting gears to meet a variety of educational challenges. Whether working to regain credits for graduation, preparing for higher education, or acquiring marketable skills, Compass Learning High School gives students the learning support they’re after just the way they like to learn.

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