Give struggling learners another chance at success

For most students, the end of high school is an exciting time — they can see the finish line approaching. Graduation is a rite of passage leading to a future full of possibilities.

But what about the struggling learner, or the student with life challenges who feels as if she's falling farther and farther behind? For her, the fun, excitement, and smiles are a long way off. And the joy of accomplishment? It’s not part of the equation.

    Why credit recovery?

    Usually, when students are struggling with missing credits and failed or incomplete classes, they’re not isolated cases. There tend to be patterns of below-standard results across multiple courses. Something just isn’t working, so changing the way young learners approach schoolwork — shifting the paradigm — seems like the obvious approach. Digital learning has several advantages — it's dynamic, tactile, and appeals to multiple senses. And with adaptive elements in a digital credit recovery program, learning gaps can be identified and brought into focus, allowing students to address those gap concepts and accelerate through to the end of a course. Suddenly, reaching the finish line becomes a very real possibility.

      Content that empowers students to achieve

      At Compass Learning®, we take credit recovery, paradigm shifts, and second chances very seriously. That’s why our credit recovery solutions offer rigorous yet fun and dynamic digital content presented in a teen-friendly and teacher-approved voice. The content is delivered in a system that identifies learning gaps, prescribes an individualized learning path to close those gaps, and ultimately provides students with a legitimate shot at earning missed credits and graduating with their peers. Don’t be surprised when students say “Credit recovery is the best class ever!”

        Make graduation a reality for all your students

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          • "Kids seem more engaged in the Compass Learning program. I think the reteaching helps. It lets kids know not just why they got something right but why they got something wrong."

            Melissa Thomas

            Virtual English Teacher, El Paso Independent School District (Texas)