Help each student navigate toward academic success

Educators know that a classroom full of 20 or 30 students is a classroom full of 20 or 30 individuals—with individual strengths, needs, and ability levels. Meeting the needs of every student is an educator’s top priority. At Compass Learning®, we understand that, and we’re here to help.

    Odyssey®: personalized learning for real results

    Compass Learning Odyssey® includes lessons and activities that are built upon current and confirmed research about the way students actually think and learn. Odyssey software for elementary and secondary students makes differentiating and personalizing instruction easier, and its formative assessments and reporting tools help educators use real-time data to drive critical instructional decisions.

      Odyssey features:

      • Pretests to assess strengths and needs and pinpoint skill gaps for each student
      • Automatically generated individualized learning paths
      • Engaging yet rigorous instruction delivered through reading passages, virtual manipulatives, videos, and animations
      • Alignment with Common Core and state standards
      • Full integration with NWEA™MAP®, Scantron Performance Series®, and Renaissance STAR® assessments
      • Robust reporting tools to generate reliable data for instructional decision making
      • 24/7 web access for via desktop, laptop, or mobile device

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            • "Kids seem more engaged in the Compass Learning program. I think the reteaching helps. It lets kids know not just why they got something right but why they got something wrong."

              Melissa Thomas

              Virtual English Teacher, El Paso Independent School District (Texas)

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