Focused instruction + engaging content = learning acceleration



Give teachers and students the tools to work and learn anytime, 24/7.



Facilitate learning for your students anywhere with an Internet connection.



Personalize the learning experience for each student in your school.



Enjoy flexibility that allows each student to learn at a pace that’s best for him or her.

Your purpose-built, K-8 blended learning solution

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The right tool

Hybridge learning acceleration software offers delivery options to help you best integrate digital and face-to-face instruction and make blended learning work for you.


The right implementation strategy

We consult with you to develop customized professional development to ensure maximum effectiveness of your blended learning implementation.


The right service and support

Our implementation managers and customer support experts will stand by you every step of the way to help ensure the right outcomes for your students.


Learn how Hybridge can help you make blended learning a success!

Models for success

We’ll help you explore the best ways to integrate digital and face-to-face instruction in order to optimize your students’ learning experiences.

  • Station rotation – students rotate among various learning stations
  • Flex – students move through an individualized digital learning plan supplemented by face-to-face and group instruction and group activities
  • Self-blended – digital instruction is used to supplement traditional instructional modes
  • Enriched virtual – digital learning is the primary tool for instruction

See our content in action!

Blending digital and teacher-led instruction to personalize learning for each child

Learn how the synergy between educator expertise, digital capability, and data result in learning tailored to the specific needs of each and every student.

  • Determining a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and mapping instruction to address what’s missing
  • Teaching to the individual child rather than to the middle of a bell curve
  • Learning what works best by sampling millions of results