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Just the facts

Blended learning

  • Approximately 2/3 of all districts are offering some online or blended program.
  • Hybrid schools... will be the dominant model of schooling in the United States in the future.
  • “I have teachers who are using [Compass Learning] in their classroom for regular instruction, for blended learning, and flipped classrooms. I have health classes using it, I have geography classes using it, biology, government, economics, AP government, physical science. And our use of it is just going to keep increasing.

    Jerry Snow, Principal, Piedmont City School District (AL)
  • “Teachers benefited from having the instructional support Compass Learning provides, as well as the ability to more easily and effectively track student participation and progress. And it was a win for the students because they not only had an Individual Learning Plan, they had the resources — certified teachers, resource managers, and Compass Learning — to achieve their plans.”

    Carole Sutton, Supervisor of Title I, New Hanover County Schools (NC)


  • Devoting extra time to the development of reading and math in earlier grades will limit the development of larger, more difficult problems in content area instruction later.
  • Technology-transformed interventions... are the top predictors of improved high-stakes test scores, dropout rate reduction, course completion, and improved discipline.
  • Elementary students showed an average of 1.5 grade levels of growth after using Compass Learning in the second semester of the 2011–2012 school year.

    “Today, we use Compass Learning... for remediation, but it’s so advanced all the way up the curriculum that we can use it for our top students, too.”

    Brian Keim, Principal
    Laker School District (MI)
  • Percentage of intervention students advancing in one school year:
    • 6th grade: Reading 30.1%, Math 45.1%
    • 7th grade: Reading 44.6%, Math 23.3%
    • 8th grade: Reading 35.8%, Math 20.8%

Credit recovery

  • In 2013, approximately 1.2 million students did not graduate from high school.
  • Self-paced options can reach the 43% of dropouts who believe they missed too many days and could not catch up, or the 35% who say that “failing in school” was a major factor for dropping out.
  • Of the 83 students originally enrolled in the program, 82 took a pre-test and 72 actually completed their learning paths and took the post-test. 64 students passed, earning a total of 89 credits. 21 of those enrolled were able to earn a high school diploma.

    Jim White, Professional Development Specialist, Seaford School District (DE)
  • The program resulted in 33% fewer students (compared to the previous year) who were required to attend credit recovery classes.

    Lane Ward, Principal, Cookeville High School (TN)
  • A total of 38 students earned credits using Compass Learning. 14 students graduated with the class of 2013 through credits earned, while six of the 12 enrolled 11th graders earned the credit required to advance to 12th grade.

    Lane Ward, Principal, Cookeville High School (TN)

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