The Compass Learning® mission:

To partner with educators to ensure that students achieve record academic results, one learner at a time

Based in Austin, Texas, one of the world’s most connected cities, Compass Learning brings together educational thought leaders, content experts, software engineers, designers, animators, and scriptwriters and challenges them to provide educators with the tools and resources needed to ensure student success and make the most of educators’ precious time and energy. The result? A full suite of software and service solutions precision-built to help educators efficiently address each student’s educational challenges.

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We Are a Learning Acceleration Company

Compass Learning was established in 1969, and for more than four decades we’ve toppled barricades to student success by delivering award-winning K–12 learning acceleration software™ for blended learning, prevention/intervention, credit recovery, and inquiry and project-based learning. Compass Learning solutions identify current performance levels, diagnose skill and concept gaps, and draw upon literally thousands of digital learning activities to prescribe individualized learning paths for each and every student. Learning paths and activities contain Common Core and state standards-aligned direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and formative assessment. Instructional content is presented through a blend of highly engaging, grade-appropriate full animation, video, and digital interactivity to deliver the right instruction to the right student at precisely the right time.

Leadership Team

Eric Loeffel

Eric Loeffel

Chief Executive Officer

“My sixth-grade teacher at Fort Allen Elementary in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, was Mr. Stratton. He was my first male teacher (if memory serves me right), but—most importantly—he created my first project-based learning experience. We completed projects individually and in groups, and we regularly made presentations in front of the class. I still remember some of those projects, because it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to start with an idea and end with a finished product, such as a paper or presentation!”

Eric Loeffel was named President and CEO of Compass Learning in 2005. Under his leadership, Compass Learning continues to be recognized as a premier provider of K-12 educational software. The company has won multiple, coveted education awards, including EDDIEs, BESSIEs, and CODiEs, as well as earned a spot on a much sought-after national Top 100 educational products’ list. Additionally, Eric is frequently invited to share his industry vision at national education innovation conferences.

Since relocating Compass Learning from California to Austin, Texas, Eric has been a key player in helping grow the Austin economy. He’s an active leader in the city’s burgeoning SXSWedu Conference, has assisted the Austin Chamber of Commerce on various committees, and helped earn Compass Learning numerous Austin American Statesman Top Work Places’ honors.

Prior to joining Compass Learning, Eric was president and CEO of Isochron Data Corp., a venture capital-backed software company in Austin, Texas. He enjoyed similar success as the president and CEO of OnQ Technology, Inc., a private international semiconductor services company. Prior to that, Eric held various positions at Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from San Diego State University and an MBA from the University of California.

Arthur Vanderveen

Arthur Vanderveen

Vice President, Business Strategy & Development

“I still remember vividly a research project in my high school American Studies class where we had to show how an artist, architect, writer, or composer reflected the historical and cultural influences of his or her time. Ms. Jeanne Lee and Ms. Susan Hellie co-taught the course, illustrating by their complementary areas of expertise (literature, music, art, and architectural history) that multiple perspectives deepen our understanding and challenge simple truths. Most importantly, I remember being challenged for the first time to do original research—to say something new. Of course we didn’t, but it ignited a love for learning and research that has stayed with me ever since.”

Arthur brings extensive experience as a district administrator in New York City, the largest school district in the country. As Chief of Innovation, he founded and led the NYC Innovation Zone (iZone), an active community of 300 schools using digital technologies and innovative instructional approaches to personalize learning to the needs of individual students. He also ran New York City’s assessment program. Before that, he held several positions at the College Board, where he led the development of the College Board’s college readiness standards.

Arthur earned his Ph.D. in English from The University of Texas at Austin, his master’s degree in divinity and educational psychology from the Princeton Theological Seminary, and his bachelor’s degree in English from Colorado College.

Tammy Deal

Tammy Deal

Vice President, Human Resources

“My favorite grade school teacher was Mrs. Suzy Red, my 3rd grade honors reading teacher. Her enthusiasm and excitement for reading was contagious, and she had a spectacular way of making reading fun. I wasn’t exposed to reading for pleasure until I met Mrs. Red. She encouraged us to read outside of class through competition. There was a St. Louis Cardinals bag that I had to win, so I kept my head in a book the entire year and I won the bag! I still recall most of the books I read that year and my favorite, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, by Eleanor Coerr, is still part of my personal library.”

Tammy Deal was appointed vice president of HR for Compass Learning in August 2013. In this role, she leads the charge in recruiting, team member retention, and corporate culture initiatives.

Most recently, Tammy served as senior director of employee experience at Dachis Group. Prior to Dachis Group she held similar positions at LatinWorks, Achilles Group, and Stock Building Supply, as well as serving as vice president of human resources at Velocity Credit Union. Tammy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications in Human Relations from Texas Christian University.

Lynelle Morgenthaler

Lynelle Morgenthaler

Vice President, Content Development

“For the most part, I sailed through school getting good grades without ever challenging myself. But in sophomore Honors English class, Mrs. Gowlett lit me on fire through an individual year-long author study, which culminated in a paper and multi-media presentation. I focused on J.R.R. Tolkien and made an 8mm allegorical movie with a borrowed camera and my friends as actors. I still have the film (silent with separate sound track!). That was the first time I put my whole self into an assignment. Mrs. Gowlett taught me the value of igniting passion in students!”

Lynelle Morgenthaler has been vice president of content development at Compass Learning since 2013. She brought to the organization a robust background in educational publishing, as well as a strong passion for digital content and curriculum.

Here at Compass Learning, Lynelle leads a creative and seasoned team of writers and instructional designers, many of whom are former educators, in the development of digital curriculum and assessment tools for both Compass Learning and Renzulli Learning.

Prior to joining the Compass Learning team, Lynelle was EVP of Digital and Print Content for Q2A/Bill Smith for six years, where she made both digital and print curriculum for a wide variety of educational publishers. Before that, she served fourteen years at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, most recently as vice president of product development for the Rigby and Steck-Vaughn imprints. Her background also includes a wide array of publishing experiences from college textbooks to an NSF-funded math program. Lynelle began her career as a teacher of adult ESL and elementary education.

Lynelle earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Linguistics from Swarthmore College and a Master of Arts in Education and Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Eileen Shihadeh

Eileen Shihadeh

Vice President, Marketing & Product Management

“After completing algebra in middle school, I disliked and was fearful of math. My high school math teacher, Ms. Case, turned my misgiving around to the point that I truly began to enjoy it—so much so that I got a bachelor’s degree in math and continued my math studies in graduate school. Ms. Case was patient, always willing to help, and committed to her students. Her influence over my education and career path is proof positive of the difference one teacher can make.”

Eileen Shihadeh joined the Compass Learning executive team as Vice President of Marketing in March 2014. Eileen leverages experience as both an educator and K-12 content developer, entrepreneurial insight, a strong background in technology, and more than a decade of proven marketing leadership. Before bringing her talents to Compass Learning, Eileen served as Vice President of Marketing for BARBRI, a market leader in legal education. Prior to BARBRI, she was Vice President of Global Marketing for eInstruction, an education technology company providing interactive teaching and learning solutions for K-12 educators and students. In addition, Eileen spent seven years in marketing leadership roles at Texas Instruments’ Education Division, and prior to that, at Harcourt.

Eileen received her Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and continued her education with graduate studies in mathematics at Texas State University and in business at Texas Women’s University. Eileen brings her rich background in K-12 education and her passion for supporting educators to bear in guiding her staff to grow the Compass Learning brand and enhance its position as a market leader.

Eric Wasser

Eric Wasser

Vice President, Sales

“After my first two weeks as an elementary school student I was moved from Kindergarten into first grade. With the increased rigor, new rules, and the need to keep up with the class—and as a younger, smaller kid—school became a daunting and not so pleasant place to learn. As a result, I struggled to perform. I was very fortunate to be rescued in the fourth grade by Ms. Handley, who recognized students as individual learners. She didn’t spend a ton of time with me, but she helped me in simple ways by seeing some of my strengths and weaknesses. I was lucky at that age to have a teacher care enough to help me personally. I became a better student after her class!”

Eric Wasser joined Compass Learning as Vice President of Sales in May 2014. Eric brings more than 20 years of experience in senior sales and sales leadership to his position. He has demonstrated particular success in building and motivating teams, leading change initiatives, and implementing proven processes and methodologies. Eric came to Compass Learning after having served as president of the sales consulting group Perform LLC, where he led teams in enhancing client engagement effectiveness with the ultimate goal of improving results. Prior to Perform, Eric served in leadership roles in both Fortune 500 and small, private companies. He has consistently excelled by becoming thoroughly familiar with his clients’ people, needs, products, and markets. A graduate of Radford University in Roanoke, Virginia, Eric will leverage extensive market analysis skills, his proven people-oriented approach, and his deep understanding of sales methodologies to both support client-educators in recognizing the value of the Compass Learning product suite and consolidate Compass Learning’s position at the forefront of the e-learning market.