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Hands on. Step by step. From conception to execution to conclusion—their own conclusion. Project-based learning is all about the idea that students learn best when they take on a real-world problem and, with a teacher’s guidance, own the challenges of solving it.

    Renzulli Learning®: Put the power of project-based learning at their fingertips

    Enriching instruction with project-based learning. Renzulli Learning® helps you differentiate instruction and empower students by identifying individual interests, learning styles, and expression preferences, and then recommending projects and activities tailored just for those learners. Students can direct their own project-based learning experience by exploring the Renzulli Learning database of more than 40,000 vetted sites and choosing from among their matched resources. Enhanced tracking and reporting functions give educators the insight to target specific skills, objectives, and Common Core and state standards.

      Renzulli Learning® features

      • The Renzulli Learning Profiler generates a snapshot of student interests, learning styles, and expression styles, enabling teachers to better personalize learning
      • Enrichment activities enable students to pursue their interests and engage in self-directed learning with safe, fully vetted online resources specifically matched to their learning preferences
      • The resource database enables teachers to find and assign thousands of vetted resources aligned to standards and student learning preferences
      • Project templates make it easy for teachers to craft and assign challenges based on learning goals and student interests
      • Project-based activities encourage students to explore, think, reason, evaluate, articulate, and solve problems—steeping them in the critical skills necessary for college and career success

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