The missing pieces to your middle school puzzle

Your middle school students display a staggering range of learning needs. Some want to sit back and absorb, while others are all about open-ended exploration. Some know it all, and some feel like they know nothing. Some are tuned in, and some are tuned out. Needless to say, reaching them all individually can be a real challenge.

At Compass Learning®, we understand how hard it can be to inspire every child. That’s why our middle school products are designed to help teachers recognize student needs and interests and provide instruction that personalizes each one’s learning experience. Through fun, targeted online lessons, activities, projects, and assessments, students can obtain the individualized instruction they need to learn and grow.

    Pathblazer by Compass Learning®

    Clearing the way to grade-level success. For students falling behind in class, school can be a pretty frustrating place. The trick for teachers is figuring out how to support these struggling learners by helping them close the gaps and build confidence along the way. Pathblazer makes it easy.

      Hybridge by Compass Learning®

      Connecting face-to-face and digital instruction. Quickly differentiated instruction and improved student engagement are just a couple of the reasons why Hybridge is the right online program for your district’s blended learning initiative. Blended learning doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Let Hybridge help.

        Renzulli Learning® by Compass Learning®

        Enriching instruction with project-based learning. Project-based learning lets students dig deeper and reach higher. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those projects were also uniquely matched to the interests, learning styles, and expression styles of each and every one of your students? Stop what-iffing and check out Renzulli Learning®.

          Compass Learning® middle school solutions solidify student familiarity with core concepts, introduce new and increasingly complex ideas, and set the stage for more rigorous study. They’re aligned with state and Common Core standards and can serve as core curriculum, supplemental content, and intervention.

          Let’s talk about how we can help you reach every single middle school student in your school.

            • "Kids seem more engaged in the Compass Learning program. I think the reteaching helps. It lets kids know not just why they got something right but why they got something wrong."

              Melissa Thomas

              Virtual English Teacher, El Paso Independent School District (Texas)