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Solid literacy skills and core math concepts are the first steps on the way to academic success. Pathblazer learning acceleration software gives teachers the tools they need to speed struggling elementary and middle school learners up to grade-level proficiency using powerful learning acceleration software.

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    Clearing the way to grade-level success. Pathblazer learning acceleration software builds confidence by starting students at their highest level of proficiency and guiding their acceleration forward. The software assesses each student’s needs and prescribes an individualized acceleration plan filled with rich, fun, and exciting instructional content that motivates while filling in the gaps. Plus, our curriculum is Common Core and state standards-aligned. So you’ll know that your students aren't just catching up—they’re meeting the mark.

      Pathblazer—a whole new light on the subject

      Pathblazer addresses critical thinking and 21st century skills with fun and rigorous standards-aligned content, making effective reading and math intervention easier regardless of a student’s measured intervention tier. Pathblazer learning acceleration software includes:

      • Adaptive screeners that determine a student’s highest functional performance level
      • Online diagnostic assessments to pinpoint skill and concept gaps
      • Automatically-generated individualized acceleration plans
      • Highly engaging video, animation, audio, graphics, and online tools
      • Student-paced instruction that lets them review as often as necessary for mastery
      • Untimed quizzes so students can focus on what they’ve learned, instead of worrying about working fast
      • Reporting functions that generate actionable data, freeing teachers to help students who need it

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            • "Kids seem more engaged in the Compass Learning program. I think the reteaching helps. It lets kids know not just why they got something right but why they got something wrong."

              Melissa Thomas

              Virtual English Teacher, El Paso Independent School District (Texas)

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